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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Depends on how much power you're looking for. Shiv ran 800 whp on e85 with his custom surge tank. He backed it off a bit for Shift Sector, but was still running 100% e85. I think we haven't hit the cap on the HPFP as long as we can supply the volume it demands.

I think the HPFP is most certainly the limitation at this point. Terry's logs show it cannot keep up with the demands, even with the Low pressure holding target perfectly. I wish we could get more information from Shiv on what they have done specifically on his car, we see the surge tank and the fuel pump, but have they tried replacing the fuel feed line with something larger from the LPFP to the inlet of the HPFP? Are they running higher than 72psi of fuel pressure on the low side?