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I also got the lip spoiler from bc moto, fit and colour match IMO is excellent

It arrived with 3M tape applied to the base, for fitting I first cleaned the area on the boot lid, then wiped over with supplied alcohol cleaning wipe. I then placed the lip where i wanted it, marked out where the edges would sit with masking tape, pealed off the film from the 3M tape and carefully fitted it

I stuck the centre of the lip down first, and then 'bended' , slightly, the ends to get the perfect fit?

the 3M tape is very strong, I had an urge to fit a shark fin on the roof so i bought one from ebay which also arrived with 3M tape applied to the base. I rushed the fitting of the fin though and it was slightly off centre. A few days later I then tried to remove the fin, so that I could refit it. However the tape was so strong that the base of the fin snapped!

I then realised I would probably end up in the clownage thread for having a fake fin, so I chucked it in the bin

I had to use a sticky residue remover solution to get rid of all the tape and residue as the tape was so firmly bonded to the car!