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Originally Posted by Nigelo View Post

Didn't get back in time before my 24hr pass was up!

Found this page on the free, but limited TIS:

Its all the torque values for the propshafts in BMW models. I'll try and find if there's some mention of any off the other values we need for the diff side.

Found this too... possibly less useful?
Thank you for that but I have to study this info... What does it mean torque angle? Also it is interesting that it says to replace bolts and nuts if they are ZNS (which is on M3 shafts) ---> (Replace bolts and nuts Jointing torque and angle of rotation must be observed without fail)

I guess I know to torque bolts to a certain NM then to turn it for example 90 degrees additionally.

Just one question can same bolts be reused second time?

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