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Originally Posted by mkolodij View Post
Also failed on USB update attempt -- 08/09 build. I'm pretty sure I have the old firmware. I've experienced transmission/power loss on several occassions similar to what the 2009 M series were experiencing that required a FW update to fix. For example -- when I approached an intersection where I was going to make a right turn and touch the brake... I changed my mind when I can see that I can beat the oncoming traffic, so I quickly changed to the gas pedal -- but there's no power for about 2 seconds! So instead of quickly making the turn, I'm helplessly rolling around the corner waiting for a T-bone. The accelerator kicked in just in time so there was no harm except for an angry oncoming driver.
I actually get that too where the transmission is confused on what gear to be in if you slow down and then almost come to a stop and then try to gas it. There is a delay in acceleration

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