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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
Hey there Max! I still think it will be dangerous enough. I never really thought about turn 2 too much to start off with. If you lift or go in too hot ... well thats foobar any place you go.

Your wife must have given birth to the baby by now or pretty soon. How goes?
More than half of incidents that I saw were in 2, and my only "oh crap" moment that I caused was in 2 as well. It's just that the shape of the turn and elevation change make the sweet spot very narrow there - go in too fast, and you can plow to the outside or spin to the inside if you lift; go in too slow, and it's too tempting to apply throttle earlier, which can either cause understeer or can cause the rear to come out if you apply a bit more. You really have to do it just right. So it's good too see that there are now more options for saving it if stuff happens.

Yes, Anna is due any day now. She is doing great, and we are very excited. Not sure how it will change my tracking schedule yet