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Price increase

If you're 'thinking' about one, check with your dealer what's happening with prices. I know DAB radio is standard after Jan (its currently a chargable option, but I believe there's a price hike in the works that may add a few hundred ús).

Re. AT vs.Manual....I actually tested an M135i manual and it was a lovely quick, smooth shifter; not baulky in the least. Then I tried a 3 Series with the same 8 speed AT and was very impressed. Normally AT is slow to react to inputs, making the car feel a bit sluggish and unresponsive, as though it has really bad turbo lag. In the car I tested the response AND hook-up felt almost instantaneous with non of that 'slush-box' feeling. Add the fact that you get ultra-smooth auto convenience around town and on congested m'ways, simple flappy paddle activation to switch from 'A' to 'M' mode, closer ratios, faster acceleration, better consumption and lower CO2 and tax and it felt like the right decision. The only nagging doubt I have is whether this 8 spd. AT takes the edge off performance, like the old ATs did. My instinct is that this new box is a perfect match for a car like the M135 but I wasn't able to make a direct comparison.

My delivery is mid-March which is OK as I'm currently driving an X5 with Conti-winters