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I had my Steelers plate frame swapped out at Advantage BMW Midtown in Houston. I was pretty pissed but lucky to have caught as soon as they pulled up the car. I pointed it out and the SA disappeared for a little and came back and told me to submit a receipt for a replacement and he'll reimburse it. After doing so he told me to swing by next time I needed a fill up and he gave me a tank of gas. Was a pain in the ass, but at $50/tank, it kept me from being too pissed off.

And I too had two $30.00+ Oregon state university frames swapped out at the dealership. Didn't notice until too late. I would hate to have those 90.00 cf frames from BMW swapped for stealer ship plates.

No hijack here but I have also lost and had replaced 4 k&n filters from the dealership even with the big red stop sign on the filter box. Hate dealerships but then again I have had worst luck with independents.