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Another update.

I got a call from the dealer saying the car from BMW had arrived and would I like to pop back with the Coupe and pick it up? Remember, this is the car I'm driving for free until my car arrives in February. I'm sitting at the service desk with Scott and I notice the key on his desk. I say "Is it a new one?" He says "Yes" and leads me outside to this (sorry about the crappy pic)

I'm still in shock. It's a brand new 320d F31 Sport with Sports Auto, Business Nav, leather, tints, heated seats, extended storage, you name it. 140 miles on the clock which is roughly Oxford (where it came from) to here.

Unbelievable service from BMW UK and Sytner Sheffield! I was expecting a beat up E91 rental which to be honest I'd have been happy with. I'm speechless.