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Originally Posted by hickoryE92 View Post
i read this thread and the thread that the guy above me posted and want to clarify an issue...

So I know it isn't good to run the car hard before it has time to properly warm up on its own, but what is the issue with idling until it warms up and then you are on your way. Why would idling until its warm be any different than driving conservatively until its warm? Is it the moderate air flow from normal driving that helps this or would it be acceptable to idle for awhile to warm up if the majority of your drives aren't long enough to reach 160-170F oil temps.

When you start driving you will heat the cats faster since you will hit 2.5k rpm
Thus they will achieve temp faster since the oil is getting warmer faster.
When idle at 700.800 it takes much longer to heat the oil and also protect the engine less. If this makes any sense.

I used to have a car starter in one of my other cars for my wife, she would let it idle for 10 min every morning. Two years later she said the car feels weird,slow.
Checked it out, finally replaced the cats and bang back to normal. Starter was removed lol.
However one good thing to note we did a compression test on the block and it was fantastic, so

I just start my car an two minutes later begin driving easy till its, boost ready, lol
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