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Originally Posted by LittleBlue View Post
I did the same thing by calling around and this is what I found, shops that never heard if the registering said don't need it, while those that did said that they would not do it and would recommend BMW do it. So would you rally trust a shop that has no idea of what you are talking about to put a battery in your car so they can make some money off of you? The shops that did say they wouldn't touch it simply didn't want me to come back to them for any trouble as only BMW can reset / register. I paid the dealer to do it, two year warrantee and now all of my electronics work fine as was having issues with rear defogger and blower.
No, I would not trust the shops I called that had no idea what I was talking about to a) install my battery for me (I can do that myself as did most everyone else on here,) b) register the battery since they wanted to charge me over $100 to do something they never heard of.
Now, would I trust the guy who actually DID know exactly what I was talking about and only wanted $55 for the labor? Of course, why not? As has been made clear in this thread all it takes is the scan tool.
Would I trust the guy who said he knew what I was talking about but said it didn't need to be done, but would charge me a big fat $0 vs approx $200 at the dealer if I wanted it done anyway? Well, that one's kind of a toss up, but I find it kind of hard to not get it done by someone who knows what the procedure is and is willing to do it for free, even if he doesn't believe in it.

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