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Originally Posted by psmitty95 View Post
If you could do it again would you spend the money (for me it will be $500 installed) or just save it for something else? How much did it actually decrease the throws? And lastly did it get rid of the second gear issues such as having to really force the shifter into 2nd gear?
I installed it myself (no DSSR) but had to cut the holder cup of the shifter so I don't have to go under the car. $500 installed is a good price.

It does shorten the throws enough so that you can keep your elbow on the center console and shift with your wrist.
But 1st to 2nd still feels very long and just as bad on bumpy roads under heavy load. I think it's more to do with the movement in the drivetrain that the shifter itself but there definitely are still cases when it simply won't go in unless you force it.

All that being said, their customer service is HORRIBLE. I waited 2 months (they had a promotion at the time too calling every other day and every time it was supposed to ship tomorrow or even today. Finally cancelled the direct order with UUC and ordered via a re-seller (regular price) and they shipped it in a week.
Tried to get the sway bar set but the shop that was going to install them gave up after waiting over a month so warn your shop that they won't be getting the parts any time soon.