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Best replacement for my 335?

I hate to say it, but I'm considering a trade or straight sale of my E90 335. It's been the best overall car for performance and utility I've owned, I just can't keep throwing money into it.
Every month it's something I need to fix or replace. Right now I'm looking at new clutch as the POS I have is already slipping (roughly 12-13,000 miles on it). I partly blame myself for lack of research on the clutch but between my shop and the manufacturer I am really unhappy the the clutch! Other pending issues: Dash is starting to squeak (could probably get dealer to fix as I'm still within the warranty), need new wheels as the stockers sound funny, trim over front window rotting out, and need an intake cleaning bad as the carbon build up has to be BAD! I know someone if these I could do, at least with others help, but I'm just spending more time and money than I wanted too for the car. If I was to spend the money for things I want like wheels or suspension it's be a different story!
So as the title says looking for a replacement that will be dependable and fun. It will be hard to find something that could compete "speed" wise but really liked having close to 400whp! Four doors not a must but practicle for a family man with 3 kiddos. Last but not least, I'd like an even trade or very very little $$ need to purchase this car. Here are my thoughts so far:
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????

Yep I haven't a clue! I really don't want to do this but feel that it is the best solution to my angst with holding on to my 335.
Thanks in advance for your input
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