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Originally Posted by Cid00x View Post
DUnlop Z1 Star Specs.

More grip, and less wear, and better sidewall than Michelin and Bridgestone.
LOL less wear? You have to be kidding.

In fact, the recent autocross tests that tire rack conducted on a few e92 328i, the super sports placed slightly above the star specs for dry and well above them for wet grip. I have three friends with them and while I believe with you that the at-the-limit dry grip may be a slightly better with the dunlops, the PSS are a far more livable tire, almost no compromise. The highway noise from the dunlops is no joke and while I fully planned on getting those tires for my next set (on a set of 17" wheels) I have changed my mind due to the noise and wear that my buddies (MS3, GD STi, 944) are experiencing on much lighter cars. My friends with the dunlops are college students who have sub-5 mile commutes, and even with few miles (less than 5k each)/less than one season on them they are all already approaching the last wear indicators.

I have driven 22k miles on my PSS (two very aggressive, 15.6mpg averaging summers, 10 autocross events, and three track school days) and while they are about toast now, I certainly got my money's worth. As someone who has long term experience with both tires, I simply cannot recommend the dunlops for a daily tire (until their proposed next-gen extreme performance summer comes out next year). The michelins are totally daily-drivable, and even my buddy who hates on michelins tried them out on his e39M and loves them (and I value his opinion given that he regularly races a 996 cup). They are extremely quiet and made a huge difference on our Boxster S as well, even compared to the very good PS2s they replace.

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