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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
Stan, what kind of capabilities would be required for a U.S. shop to be able to perform your software mods over here? I am aware of at least one shop that currently cracks open the DDM and also installs software (from Evolve in this case). So the shop is an installer only, not a "writer" or tuner. Renntech does the same thing, but I *think* they write their own code.

If you have a situation in which a car in the U.S. has been modded with your downpipe, along with a more efficient i/c and perhaps even meth injection, is it even possible for you to evaluate the car remotely and change the programming to take advantage of the added capabilities of the car?

Would it be possible for an individual to install the software after the hardware is installed/modified? For example, we have a vendor in the electronics arena that is located in Poland, but he sends out the necessary cabling, and can remotely program the car - this is not simply coding, he has the capability to modify the car's programming (for navigation/audio/etc.) via the owner's local pc.

Just curious if it might be possible to use your capabilities and knowledge over here, since (as you can probably tell) we are behind times on tuning the d.
On the 335d the ecu requires to be opened however, we have developed an opening jig which leaves zero marks on the ecu casing... you should see some attempts I have seen from others at opening and ecu's getting broken on brand new cars See below an ecu I have opened on a 335d...

We have some dealers in the UK, Europe and Norway who are proficient at completing this work now... with a little practice and the right tools it's fairly easy.

I would be happy to appoint a dealer in the USA however, they would need to be an established and well organised workshop with a well earned reputation for excellent customer service and a good knowledge of diagnostic work. An employee there will require excellent skills with regards to soldering and PCB work...

The engine management system in the USA version is 95% identical to the latest 335d here in Europe, even the software versions are almost exactly the same with the exception of urea injection maps. As this is a limiter based ecu the microprocessor makes adaptions based on our set limiters and the feedback from sensors such as EGT, MAF, MAP, Lambda, IAT, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, ambient temp... etc etc... the feedback from our USA customers has been terrific.

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