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Originally Posted by Yoro35i View Post
what car are you talking about then? isnt all E9X sat nav old system was 5 digit postcode?
Mine isn't. One-owner full BMW service history bought approved used from Park Lane BMW 2 weeks ago. 2008-2 Premium maps. Doesn't have full postcode input. I should have said it doesn't have 7 digit postcodes, that's what I meant. It only lets you put the first half of the postcode and the first digit of the second half, so if I want to put in WC1E 6BT it only goes as far as WC1E 6... Which might be 250 metres up the street, on a one way street. I suppose that's good enough for the countryside but it's pretty useless if you live in Central London, and isn't as good as any 50 cheapo satnav you can buy in a shop. There's no defence against that at all, not from a premium manufacturer like BMW. The Mercedes COMAND system will tell you what street and number you're on from the dashboard even if you're not navigating anywhere.

Anyway I ordered the 2013 full map DVDs from Cotswold BMW and they arrived today so my navigation should hopefully be a bit better when I get round to doing my update. Cost me 200 though, not too happy about that

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