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Originally Posted by dotmit View Post
Mine isn't. One-owner full BMW service history bought approved used from Park Lane BMW 2 weeks ago. 2008-2 Premium maps. Doesn't have full postcode input. I should have said it doesn't have 7 digit postcodes, that's what I meant. It only lets you put the first half of the postcode and the first digit of the second half, so if I want to put in WC1E 6BT it only goes as far as WC1E 6... Which might be 250 metres up the street, on a one way street. I suppose that's good enough for the countryside but it's pretty useless if you live in Central London, and isn't as good as any 50 cheapo satnav you can buy in a shop. There's no defence against that at all, not from a premium manufacturer like BMW. The Mercedes COMAND system will tell you what street and number you're on from the dashboard even if you're not navigating anywhere.

Anyway I ordered the 2013 full map DVDs from Cotswold BMW and they arrived today so my navigation should hopefully be a bit better when I get round to doing my update. Cost me 200 though, not too happy about that

AS i said in the other post, You Need to input all 5 postcode first then it will allow you to select e.g w14 9AA =W14 9 (london) or w14 9( west ken) , you will need to select where ever it is closest to your destination for this instance it is west ken one then scroll over to street name and input street name and building number. THIS will take you to your destination!
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