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Originally Posted by JasonDCarton View Post
I'm in an annoying situation right about now and wanted to to hear your input/suggestions. Went to HID-guy in National City a while back and had them upgrade my OEM angel eyes to I believe 10w cree LED white ones for I want to say $185? About 6 months from then the right side went out and they offer no warranty. They said the best thing they can do is offer me two new bulbs (give me back my current working one) and installation for $100. I just feel like I am getting somewhat screwed spending this much after this faulty bulb only lasted 6 months. Does anyone else have any other suggestions that are cost effective that would give me more peace of mind that it will last longer and not break?
Best thing to do in my opinion is dont go back to them. Purchase some thru a forum vendor. Better customer service and most should be warrantied.