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Originally Posted by Slow1 View Post
Looking into getting a 2009 328i after figuring out all of my options.

Is it necessary to get a 09 328i under warranty? Or CPO
I wouldn't say it is any more "necessary" than driving with your seatbelt on (notwithstanding that ridiculously annoying and most incessant gong reminder..!).

Personally I wouldn't even consider a non-CPO used BMW. That's my choice. I was told "Take any roadside price, add $6,000, and that's what the same car will cost you as a CPO.". I haven't found the price difference to be quite THAT dramatic mind you, but definitely a few thousand at the very least.

To me, totally justified. I take great comfort in my CPO security blanket, although I have no illusions that any claim will be a walk in the park, but at least I feel like I have SOME leverage. No CPO and a major breakdown? You are 100% on your own, with no argument to BMW whatsoever.

Not for everyone, mind you.

Note: your listing says "balance of factory warranty.."?? Fyi: factory is 4 years, CPO is 6 (from day 1).