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Originally Posted by dotmit View Post
No it won't. If I want to get to say, 8 Wardour Street, that building has a specific postcode. The navigation has no idea what it is, so if I don't know that it's number 8 and I only have the postcode (which is most of the time because that's what most navigation systems need and it's usually all you need to ask someone for) it will take me to some random location in Wardour Street which is the wrong place. It's then down to me to find which number is where, and follow the one-way system on my own. So I have to use my phone to find it. So I might as well have used my phone for the entire journey.

I don't think you understand how full postcodes work. 5 digits only gives you a general area, not an exact location. You need all 7 digits to get the exact location, regardless of whether or not you have a house number.

If you have a house number, what's the point in using the postcode? You could use the street for that.

As I said before, any cheapo 50 navigation can do this so it's completely pathetic that a system BMW charges the best part of 1500 for isn't able to do it.

Not sure why you're being so defensive about what is a really poor system. I've used Garmin, TomTom and several different apps on my various phones I've had, as well as systems in other cars (old and new). The BMW one is the worst I've seen for actually getting me to where I want to go. It's nothing to do with how I input the destination. It simply won't let me input the exact destination in the first place (not using postcode anyway).

It also insists I exit out of St James Park the way I came in instead of just accepting that I've driven in there now and there is actually a better route to get to the other side of the park than driving 2 miles around it. TomTom and Garmin will route me so as to avoid entering the park but as soon as I enter it they recalculate and send me on my way.

lol don't worry i thought you had the CCC like i do so that's where all the confusion was from!! I full well understand how post code works but in this isntant i'm talking about the Pain in the ASs of CC navigation and how to get the best of it really.
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