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Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
sorry i didn't read the whole thread so dunno if it was brought up, but I have a 2006 325i but I have the professional HU, yet I have none of these features.

Is it radios from a certain year E9X that work?
Not reading the whole thread is a really quick way to get cussed out, and admitting that you're just being lazy is almost worse. So I'll do this before someone else does:

But I'll be nice anyway. Synopsis:

Professional HUs can be retrofitted with bluetooth and/or USB by adding another box in the trunk (MULF) and appropriate wiring, then coding the units properly.

Additionally, very new headunits (still called Professional) can be purchased which have USB and Bluetooth built-in, also enabled by appropriate coding and wiring.

In your case, you don't have any of the features because you need to wire in a MULF, mic, bluetooth antenna, USB cable, and AUX socket with USB jack.

If you want more information, search.