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Originally Posted by gunda View Post
While I agree that you can not have 100% fitment on replica body parts, everyone still want's the best possible fitment available at a good price . Having something thats 7/10 fitment to me is not acceptable for a replica, given that numerous others have reported that their M3 replica side skirts have 9 or 9.5/10 fitment.
I agree with you, the unfortunate thing is you won't know if your replica part fits until you buy it. Accuracy and fitment regardless if its an ebay sale or a vendor sale, all these replica parts are made from a very small handfull of manufactures in Taiwan and China. Your pretty much rolling the dice and hoping for the best because you really have no control over what you get or how close to perfect fitment will be.

OEM is 3 times the price for a reason.