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Originally Posted by daveishi View Post
to answer your first question: I put on and removed 2 other SSKs before I was finally able to get this one and by the time it came I just didn't want to do it again and I thought some extra cash would help with present-shopping.

your second question is a good one since I never had it installed. however the 335is shifter is approx 1.25 inches shorter than the 335i shifter and this SSK is built to the 335is spec. It is also height adjustable and I was told by UUC at one point that it could be adjusted to stock height or shorter. in addition it has stainless bearings as opposed to bushings, etc
Interesting. Well unfortunately I am not ready to purchase anything for the car yet, it doesn't come until some time in February and in the mean time I am going to enjoy my current 335i 6mt