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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
yea, great card over all. Benson was a beast, didnt think he would dominate like that, Diaz didnt have much for him

and for sure, Rory vs Condit 2 needs to happen

pretty sick you were there, how was the view from there?

I dont think JBJ striking is all that great either, he uses his reach well and throws sick elbow like jabs, thats about it though but he gets better with each fight, so guess we'll see what happens when they actually fight

yea, that fight is done, I def didnt think Pacquiao would get KOed like that

doesnt look like GSP v Silva is happening any time soon either

and yes, BJ needs to retire, Im a huge fan so i bought into the hype but he didnt look like he had much left. He gased after 1-2 minutes, then he was just a punching bag
The view was good. A lot better that the panoramic pic would make you guess. The fighters were roughly the size of my middle finger lol. So for the money I spent, really good seats!

JBJ striking is actually pretty bad but he's able to calculate his distance and reach really well. He's sharp which allows for big cuts and that's really a bonus.

You know you're done when you train and get prepared an extra 2 months and become a walking Hawaiian punching bag. I was expecting bj to have broken ribs but from the online sources, he's just got shitload of bruises and stitches. He's made enough money. TIme to enjoy retirement and be a family man through and through.

Also, I want to see GSP vs Hendricks. Diaz does NOT deserve a title shot.