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Originally Posted by micano View Post
Dude, no reason to be a track snob. Best example I can think of is accelerating from a dead stop into traffic making a right or a left. The standard open diff will take the least path of resistance and send all the power to the wheel with the least grip. Then the nannies kick in and put the brakes on the spinning tire to get some power to go to the side with the weight on it. While all of this happening traffic is moving at you. Now with the LSD this doesn't happen. Now put a little water on the road and it takes even longer to get going. All the power in the world mean nothing if you can't get it to the ground. I run P Zero Neros and straight line traction was never an issue. IMHO 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' should come with at least the option of an LSD in every model, not just the M Cars.
Nobody's being a snob, I'm just telling it how it is. I drove 4 months on my Quaife on public roads and could barely tell the difference it was there. If that's how you justify your $2k mod, by all means but don't convince others to drop that kind of coin if you don't know what you're talking about.

Telling OP a LSD is a "must" in order to put down his new found power of +5whp from the AA tune is just laughable. Transforming the car for everyday driving? Next thing you're going to tell me is the addition of an Afe intake will make your 328 sound like a "supercar" because of the intoxicating intake sound.

Originally Posted by StealYourFace View Post
I guess everyone's experience is different.

An LSD with a shorter gear ratio will change street driving with added quickness, but an lsd on it's own won't, like dcsoff said.

The n52 isn't exactly a torque monster. I cant think of a time on dry street pavement that I ever thought "wow this car just smokes the right rear tire without even trying, I need to get rid of the one legger diff." Winter months, a different story. Autocross, of course. But regular street driving the stock rear was fine.

Again, your experience may vary.

Thank you.
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