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My building with 15 flats over 5 floors has its own postcode. The shop on the ground floor has a different postcode to the flats. The buildings on either side next door and across the road each have their own postoode, as do most of the other buildings on my street. In Central London it's common for each building (and even companies within those buildings) to have their own postcode. If you combine that with an abundance of one way streets you have a completely useless satnav if it can't take you to the spot you need to be at. I appreciate that on a TomTom if you enter the postcode it gives you a list of addresses. That's partly my point. Why can't the BMW one do that? My old Garmin-based one did that too, and if you didn't bother entering which house number it still got you to where you needed to go within a few metres, not within a few hundred metres like the BMW one.

It's different in the suburbs and the countryside where it might refer to an entire street or development of houses but around where I live, my postcode is different to everyone else around me and you need that level of accuracy or you might as well not have it. This is only a problem on the BMW satnav. The satnav I used in a 2003 Toyota Avensis was able to direct me better than the one in my 2009 BMW.

Anyway, I have high hopes for my 2013 premium map update!

Well it sounds like you live in the middle of a proper concrete jungle! Fair enough though, the BMW satnav seems pretty useless for you. Let's hope the update sorts it.........