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Has the OP left the building?

Did he pay the bill for all the advice,or did he leave a forwarding address for the invoices?

Originally Posted by dotmit View Post
My building with 15 flats over 5 floors has its own postcode. The shop on the ground floor has a different postcode to the flats. The buildings on either side next door and across the road each have their own postoode, as do most of the other buildings on my street. In Central London it's common for each building (and even companies within those buildings) to have their own postcode. If you combine that with an abundance of one way streets you have a completely useless satnav if it can't take you to the spot you need to be at.
Do you get lost often?Then have to ring home to get directions?

I'd wear a tag around your neck with your address on,just in case, you understand

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