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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
Guilty as charged I'm afraid,and it was probably a very unfounded and naive remark,so apologies.
The chances are the remark wasn't aimed at me specifically,but nonetheless and in hindsight, it's probably peeps like me that make companies such as PB struggle to get into the UK market place.

Having had a good look (feck knows why?) at what's available,and from whom,it's amazing (or is it?) just how close in price the established players are with their BBK.

With the exception of Brembo,AP,Alcon and Stoptech are 's apart in some instances, which seems uncannily like some sort of cartel,but I'm sure that's not the case!

The PB brakes look great,warranties are as good and in some cases better than the big boys,and along with the technical support, look like a great buy at the amazing price of 1200 + taxes (380mm - 8 pot front),so it would be good to get some feedback,and as Matt said,a group buy would work out to be very beneficial for some.

PS: I'm not Dan Newton,just so you know

You just have to get past the 'PhatBoy' tag
No need to apologise, I'm not Dan Newton neither The remark was aimed mainly at responses to reviews I had seen on other forums. Luckily enough the previous owner of mine bought his blank so I don't have any PB logos or similar on there

KSport brakes were used on cars in the Time Attack series a year or two but the series was sponsered by them so I don't think that really shows much.

I've seen a few reviews online and although most of them seem to be on Jap cars, they seem to hold up well on road and track. As mentioned early by myself and others, pad choice is far more important. Luckily the PBs have the pad pattern as AP calipers so the choice is huge. I'm leaning towards EBC Bluestuffs due to cost and the great reviews (in fact I've already bought a set for my unfinished e36 track car).

And for the record I'm a big'un