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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Ummmmmm why ??

Doesn't every tyre depot and garage in the country do this or am I missing something?
Maybe mowflow is taking it a little too far.

Yes, most tyre places use windy guns.

I have compressor & windy. I never use it on my wheels either.
It's a spider brace for me all day long.

Wheels/studs aren't designed to be horsed up using an impact tool. You will never get a correct torque setting using an impact tool.

If you want a quicker way of removing your wheels, use a proper wrench to loosen the bolts slightly (with the wheel on the floor, as you would normally), then, using a socket adaptor, use your favourite battery drill to zip them off & on. It will save you time getting the air line out and there will be no danger of over torquing or stripping the bolts. ALWAYS finish off with a proper tool, ideally a torque wrench - wheel nuts aren't taken up as tight as a lot of people think.

There is a reason why car manufacturers supply weedy, short, wheel braces (when they have spare wheels) - apart from the cost - it's not to frustrate you at the side of the road as you try and undo a recalcitrant bolt - although they are very good at that - the main reason is that you cannot really overtighten the bolts when you put them back.