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Originally Posted by Sir_Pigley View Post
Full postcodes are often imprecise anyway so it's not 100% reliable way of defining a destination.

You can define your destination precisely by using the full address or by defining the place you need to go using the "point on a map function".

The key phrase you use is "you're forced to approximate to where you (rather than it) thinks you should go". It's not the sat nav making the approximation it's you!

However I accept your point that if you don't know the precise location the satnav does not give you an easy way to define it.

Not true. You use the navigation to tell you how to get there from where you are.

The problems you allude to are most prevalent when visting a business address where you don't really have a street name and number to go to.
In which case postcodes actually are the best way of defining the destination point. However whilst they are getting better, occasionally they can be wrong and hence you end up being late for a meeting because you've ended up a quarter of a mile from the actual place you needed to be.

This has happened to me whether I've used Tomtom, BMW satnav, Copilot or whatever else, so it's not a problem of only the BMW system. However because BMW don't have 7 digit postcodes then it does make life more difficult.

That's why if I am going to a business meeting I always check out precisely where I am due to go, using a PC/Streetview/Google Maps and then program the destination on the BMW satnav. If I could be bothered to pay the extortionate 120 annual fee to send it directly from my PC to the car life would be even easier.
Points taken. As I said my frustration is that the BMW system is nowhere near as good as systems from other manufacturers or a cheap TomTom or whatever. It's only using this particular system that I have had these problems.

And I disagree with your point about me making the approximation. It's not me making the approximation at all. It's me wanting to enter a full postcode and having to accept the 5 digit one I am given by the BMW system, and having to choose that instead of the considerably precise one I would have got from a 7 digit postcode. I only use navigation when I don't know where the place is. If I knew where the place was on a map, I wouldn't really need the navigation...

Anyway, in my first post in this thread I said I'd still get one with navigation built in if I were choosing again. If the map updates solve the postcode problem it's actually a pretty good system overall, but the postcode issue completely kills it for me!