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it is odd that is will sit and spin both rear tires.

i suppose an s2000 has near 50/50 weight distribustion. as does an e90(a 328 a little closer).

in fact, my car will spin both tires with traction control completely off with one tire on the grass, one on pavement. LSD? maybe. am going to jack up the back end one day and spin the wheels to find out.
although a good, brand new all season will be quite adequate in alot of snowy conditions, it comes down to this:


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Different temps, different tires, only about 1/2 inch of snow, and the fact that car has LSD and 328 doesn't. I was actually able to even climb a small short hill on the driveway too. (Well not that small, 5 month later I am still recovering from a twisted ankle that I got there)

I can sure tell a difference between my 335i and S2k, so much more traction at rear wheels

Now I can only speculate, but imaging having Xdrive with no center diff, and 2 open f/r diffs vs active center and 2 f/r LSDs. By specs, the difference should be dramatic. I wish some magazine would run a test in equal environment with same snow tires with many different AWD systems. But for now I can only rely on specs.