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Originally Posted by A_P View Post
OK so turns out DAVEY that you can the BMW Performance 6 pot brembos for around 800ish new. Caliper online I believe.

Would you consider this?
I'd hope not,as I advised Dave to give them a steer.

They look good,no argument there,there good for day - day running,and the odd hoonage around the B roads,and are as good as,if not slightly better than the standard setup (despite smaller discs).

No good for a trackday though,they overheat massively,and that's with upgraded hoses (Goodridge) and upgraded fluid (Dot 5.1,can't imagine it would be better with other fluids).
4/5 laps of the BH Indi circuit,and I was having to pit, to let the brakes cool down!

Hence Dave's thread

Originally Posted by idnan View Post
Doesn't the BMW performance setup use smaller discs than the 335i setup? I remember e92fan saying they weren't much of an upgrade over the standard kit.
Yep,your right,that's why he now run's (or did) AP brakes.

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