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Originally Posted by A_P View Post
Oh what are you for real IAN.!
Ahh man ok well its save up for the AP's or Alcons then. Ill let the wife know she wont be receiving any 4k chanel watches anytime soon.

It's ok now,my time of the month has passed!

Anyway,I met a great Guy last yr at BH on a trackday.

He had an immaculate M3 CSL,bog standard with one very important modification.
He was also a very accomplished track driver,and despite our cars having roughly similar power output,I couldn't get anywhere near him,it was getting so embarrasing I pulled into the pits to avoid him lapping me (mind you,I am shite ).

So he offered me a Pax lap,which I readily agreed to,anyway my lap was postponed due to me having to sort the car out,the front wheel nuts had come loose due to the heat from the BMW BBK,and that was despite me torquing them on arrival!

The CSL had the AP brake set up,apparently the M3's,including the CSL have shite brakes,not my words,the CSL drivers.

Get the AP's

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