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BMW 3 series battery replacement.

It's me again from a very cold UK. Have not yet replaced the battery but have purchased a BMW diagnostic lead and the software, which seems massively complicated. Also the BMW Technical Information System (workshop manual). This is ambivalent as it says that the car "might" need reprogramming depending on what original equipment it had when manufactured, referring to an automated battery charging system. Which means I gues that you risk frying battery or not charging it enough if you do not register a new battery. The battery now specified for my car, 325iaSE Tourer, is 90 amp/hrs whereas the original one installed is 70 amp/hrs, so for safeties sake I want to register it to the car's computer system. I am now seeking an old but working laptop to install the diagnostic software on to, but this near Christmas will just keep charging the old battery with a mains charger. I do not have a laptop and my wife will not let me have hers in case I blow it up, as the software is obviously cloned! Bryan King