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Originally Posted by ohsix View Post
I didn't have any corks around the house, so I opened a cheap bottle and stole it from there anyway even with one one cork, on the right side, drone was reduced significantly! I drove about an hour on the freeway this morning, doing about 85-95 then hit traffic so around 40. If anyone experienced the really loud obnoxious drone (usually when going up hill), I noticed that it doesn't hurt your ears anymore and make the car seem like its vibrating. I leave the house around 6AM so its cold outside, I found that when I am leaving the house the drone would be terrible. This morning it was pretty much gone. Anyway A MILLION thanks to this genius idea, although its not completely gone, I can say its better than nothing and worth taking the 30 seconds to do this.
In my case, 2 corks per mount was slightly better than 1. It's a perfect excuse to open up a bottle, and put some alcohol in your system