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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
Chris you're sounding like someone i know from the fest!! LOL I understand your plight but damn 23 degrees below what OEM IC marked that alone tells you something is up. Bur now as I reread your link I also have some quirps about it, I love the way the IC looks , almost as OEM rather than the other FRANKENSTEINS outthere, true be it some data would be appreciated though, i.e. dyno, temps etc etc!!
Why because I will not buy a product without being provided evidence as to the benefits of the product?

Axel there has not been anywhere close to enough testing to substantiate those results are accurate, let alone consistent and representative of the benefits to be expected across the use spectrum with or without a tune. In fact it is quite plausible to assume (without data to support otherwise) there is no benefit to be gained from a Wagner IC vs OEM or perhaps just the opposite, if the pressure drop proves to be to dramatic horsepower is actually lossed. It is also plausible to assume that if the Wagner IC does prove to drop intake air temps that without the right tuning to harness the benefits there is no benefit to be gained.

Not to mention, I also find it curious that Wagner has yet to conduct ANY testing, but is prepared to just throw this IC out on the market.

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