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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Ummmmmm why ??

Doesn't every tyre depot and garage in the country do this or am I missing something?
Already been answered but I'll pitch in again.

I had a mare with my last car when some fucktard used an impact gun to try to remove the wheels. Garage that fixed it said never let anyone near your wheel bolts with an impact wrench.

I use the appropriate sized socket (with tape wrapped around it as per xenon), an extension piece with a hole through it (don't know what it's called), socket bar through this then if need be another foot of pole on the end of that.... if things get really serious I will also bring out the engineers hammer to get the break.

The trouble with things like extending arm wheel braces is that they often go off at an angle that isn't 90 degrees. I find that being able to push and pull at exactly 90 degrees is the key to stubborn wheel bolts.