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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
Very true what you state but lets go farther and have Turbo eddie speak for himself on an IC he reconfigured that was intended for a 335i and for which he is now capable of 45-47 mpg with the the CX racing IC. Makes you wonder if indeed works or not, yet TE does NOT have a JBD or Even any Flash just meth as far as i am concerned.

Trust me, i do understand what you imply and it is well reasoned to be a bit skeptical of ANY product w/o R&D, that is why I called RENNtech into this to do investigation with WAGNER and also with ECOTUNE. But, if no one party participates then we are ALL SOL!!
Axel, I cannot speak to TurboEddie's experience with his CX Racing IC (I've read his posts though), but we are talking about two very different IC's. I do recall him complaining initially of some extra turbo lag - a possible negative side effect of an improperly sized IC. That said, I believe TurboEddie is also running his own personally designed/built piggy-back tune, but there is no way (that I am aware of) that a piggy-back can be adapted to account for an upgraded IC. Our DME's are very smart and tend to adapt well to keep systems in check/at factory tolerances unless tuned otherwise at which point a properly sized/functioning IC could prove to be a benefit.

What would be interesting to see if you or someone local to Renntech can get your hands on a Wagner IC and hand it over to Renntech for some testing/tuning to see if in fact there is anything to be gained w/a Wagner IC.

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer here, just trying to be practical about it. I want performance options as much as anyone, which is why I am a litte (actually a lot) disappointed Wagner has not done any testing yet and to take it a step further actually performed some data logging and back-to-back dyno runs and compare it against stock. Shoot I would be happy if it proved to just significantly lower EGT's under all load conditions.

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