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Shudder in car, help me diagnose.

Hey Guys,

I thought I would enlist your help on an issue that cropped up yesterday. I have an '07 328Xi with about 72k miles on it. I was driving home from work with a little gusto and at the tail end of the drive, after I had mellowed out a bit I would notice a vibration/shudder that seemed to emanate from the chassis. The only time I seem to be able to get it to occur is when apply a mild amount of throttle and get it between 1500-2500 RPMs.

The issue didn't seem to be related to steering nor the transmission (car idles just fine and it doesn't hesitate or lag when it shifts but it does seem easier to replicate going up hill.)

The car doesn't seem to be experiencing any power loss either. I had a local buy look and make sure the CV boots weren't worn or cracked at all and he said they appear fine.

My mechanic is going to throw it up on the lift on Friday and check the driveline to make sure its' not related to that, however he speculated that I would probably experience the shake more regularly than I do if it were related to that.

Anyway, I have a few hunches and I though you all could weigh in or offer a likely alternative.

Spark Plugs- I had a misfire code come up a couple months ago but it went away as fast is it appeared. However, wouldn't the car idle rough as well if it were spark plugs?

CV joint needs to be regreased- Guy said this isn't the problem but it seems to fit the symptoms

Drive shaft problems?

Anyway, anything you can contribute would be helpful.

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