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Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
Thanks for the feedback on Red Line for our E8x and E9x manual transmissions. But I'm confused by the second paragraph. Does that mean that the 1M does not come with MTF-LT-5 as factory fill?

The 1M does indeed come factory filled with MTF-LT-5. There have been a few 1M owners who have reported that BMW has now gone to MTF-LT-6. (see the last page of this thread)

CORRECT 1M Fluids List [Engine, Transmission, Differential

Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
From BMW Canada SI B00 01 10 June 2011 (refers to 1 Series M Coupe):

The chart shows:
50,000 km
Vehicle Check 3:
Engine Oil, Differential Oil, MTF-LT-5 (1L 83 22 2 156 969) and Vehicle Check

Again at 122,000 km (except for Vehicle Check)

The problem is that BMW Canada, BMW NA(USA) and BMW AG all do not agree on some maintenance stuff/intervals.

My understanding is that the BMW AG says to change the 1M manual trans fluid at 2K kms, and then every THIRD oil change(engine oil, diff oil and gearbox oil). BMW NA says the first gearbox oil change is at 45K miles or the third oil change interval.

BMW AG says one should change your oil once every 23K kms or once every two years for their cars.

BMW NA says one should change your oil (or rather they will pay for one) once every year or 23K kms(15K miles).

BMW AG says to use Castrol SAF-XJ, while BMW NA uses Castrol SAF-XJ +FM (friction modifier - to quiet diff noise and to reduce any noise issues for potential buy-backs/lemons)

All of us know that BMW once per year or 15K mile oil interval is too long. Especially for a turbocharge engine. I always change my oil every four months or 8K miles - sometimes even sooner. I always use BMW approved German Castrol oil.

Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
It also calls for spark plug replacement at 50,000 km (75,000 km for 335is/Z435is)
BMW has always said to change the N54 and N55 spark plugs at 45K miles. The 100K mile spark plug interval is for the NA engines(x28i inline sixes)

In fact they call for earlier spark plug replacement when one gets a PPK (Performance Power Kit)installed.

BMW AG says to change the spark plugs(ZŁndkerzen) at 67K kms and then every 60K kms. Here is a decall/label from a 335i with the PPK...
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Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
Once again, this puts the lie to the "lifetime fill" for the transmission, since the 1M transmission is not significantly different. It also puts the lie to 100,000 km for spark plugs.

It's almost like they do more maintenance on the special edition models because they they think the drivers of those cars are more likely to notice...
Yup! BMW knows that M owners will be driving the cars harder than the driver of a normal "AG" (non M)car.

This is proof enough for me that BMW "lifetime fluids" is total BS.