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Originally Posted by srSheepdog View Post
I haven't heard one word from him that indicates that he is "spoiled". If he's doing the things that he is supposed to be doing (work/good grades/etc) and is polite/respectful/etc, then I'm not going to try to monday-morning-quarterback his parents.
I wasn't necessarily calling him spoiled, just saying that that is the theoretical issue.

I think the point is that, whether you give your kid a 335i, a Porche 911 or a 86 Civic, are you allowing them to realize the value of it? Are you giving it to them regardless of their behavior or work ethic, or allowing them to earn it (either financially or through some other means).

I'd never force my 16-20 year old kid to pay me full, retail price on a car just to teach him responsibility. But I also wouldn't give it to him for free, pay the insurance, cost to maintain it AND pay for mods just for him staying out of jail.

To each their own, I guess. But I think we should look for the happy medium in there somewhere, depending on how much responsibility we're trying to instill in our kids.