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Cornering Lights to Match Lux Angel Eyes

I've searched this, but due to me being uncertain that I'm using the right terminology, and perhaps simple general incompetence, I am not confident I have found all the info I need to make my decision.

I have a 2007 328i coupe with Lux H8 V3 angel eyes. When I turn my steering wheel or even put the car in reverse, the inner bulbs on both sides of the front headlights fill in with an orange light. I believe these are called cornering bulbs (H3 is the part name I think). I want to replace these bulbs with a set that will be white - as close a match to my white Lux angel eyes as possible.

Can you please recommend some bulbs? I have seen references to MTEC 4500K, which won't be a perfect match I'm told, but that set is allegedly the best I can get.

A few questions. First, is a halogen set of bulbs my only option? Second, assuming the answer to the first question is yes, is the MTEC 4500K set the best match for me? If so, is the bulb set I want H3? I've tried finding these online, but no luck. Can someone please link me directly to a website selling the exact set of bulbs I need?

Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated.