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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Again, I don't approve drifting on open roads, but it is "less dangerous" than high speed driving. Most grave accidents have at high speed. With a GT86 you don't need high speed to drift, what makes it less dangeruous than drifting a 1M for example. Have you seen Advevo? He is a pro driver.
Yes, the probability to have a car accident rises with speed - speeding increases the risk of a crash and its severity.

That's the reason why the GT86 is a car for me and the 1M a car for Advevo

- but remember, despite of being a pro driver most of Advevo's drifts you can see in his videos are made in the wet to lower the speed and all of them are made either in empty roads (no traffic) or in a track!!! -

with the 1M I need a lot more space to control it than I would ever need with the GT86. Advevo, on the other hand, can do brillantly with both!

The only caveat I see with Advevo's style and the 1M is the small slide angles he manages. I'm sure that with the GT86 Advevo would be capable of near 90 degrees drift most of the time!!!

I'm always trying to encourage him to do one of his videos with the GT86 but it seems he doesn't care about japanese cars other than powerful AWD Turbo's (i.e. EVOs and STIs).



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