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How legit is it?
The guys first post on bimmerfest and no responses?
Sounds a bit dodgey....
But I am interested
The guy who had a rennart exhaust I PM'd regarding feedback on the system had this to say:

Yea the owners were local here and one had started a family and didn't have the time/money to put into the business and the other didn't have the resources he said. I know he had a couple exhausts in stock and was looking to liquidate them.

TBH I don't think its a scam @ $600 plus P&H its cheap but not 'stolen' cheap, did you check his rep out on the other forum (he is a 5 series owner)?

Unfortunately in liquidation circumstances the liquidators dont give a rat arse about what the market value is, they just want someone with cash. I believe these systems are imported in bulk lots of 25 (all the big name usa manufactures HPF, AMS, Helix etc import their products) and had say 10 systems to liquidate. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was a local and bought them for $1000 or something crazy!