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Evenin strangers,

I called the owner of Big Motoring World and have been there today, the guy was helpful, whether its due to the posts I made or genuinely wanted to make me a happy customer, I dont know.

Anyway, got my paint fixed today, as well as my tired.

The grinding noise wasnt there when I went, so couldnt be fixed, it came back after I returned home.
They sprayed some sort of lubricant in the hope that that would be the solution.

Bottom line, they tried to fix the problems.

There was a lot of talk about the forums, I explained that I was forced to take this route after members of his staff were dismissive, not only to myself but to other people as well.

I'm going to call them tomorrow about the sensors and the grinding noise.

I suggest that those who have been havin problems with their cars, call the owner directly and ask him to get Bob to sort it out himself.

Bob is an Indian guy that heads the customer services team.
I didnt meet the guy but he called me after I spoke to Peter the owner of Big Motoring World.

Heres the number for Peter: mention that you are from the forum and was asked to call from here: 07889 731 732

Thanks again folks,

Kind regards,

Kinda appeased customer of Big Motoring World