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CCC Nav Problem w/ video

What's up everyone, this just popped up today as I was out and about. I have the stock pre-LCI CCC nav in my 08'. I had used the Nav to go somewhere earlier today, and the map had been open for a little while. I went to zoom out on the map, and noticed the zoom level (400ft, 800ft, etc.) was not changing. The nav froze up, and when I closed out of Navigation and went back into it, every push of a button seems to take 20+ seconds to do anything. It doesn't seem to affect the map itself, it still moves at regular speed and does not have any problems navigating when it finally loads.

Anyone have this problem or any solutions? I've never had any problems with it before, and I'd like to avoid taking it to the dealership. I've tried the basics like removing and cleaning the disc, powering off the car, etc. Help me out!

Video below shows a bit of what is happening. The video isn't the greatest quality, but here is a breakdown of what you're watching:

0- 0:53 seconds - Turn on car, playing with all I-drive features, notice everything works fine and there is no lag between pushing the I-drive knob and loading.

0:53 seconds- I select to load the map in direction of travel

0:54-1:20- The map takes 24 seconds to load? Absolutely nothing happening during this time, just waiting on the map to come up.

1:26- Zoom from 400ft to 800ft, the map immediately zooms out, but the zoom level still reads 400ft.

1:26:1:48- Map is open and working, but the zoom symbol reads "400ft" for 20+ seconds after having changed it.

I didn't get it on video, but all of the left side icons take 20+ seconds to work as well. Needless to say, this essentially makes the maps useless, as it would take minutes to navigate through the map screen.

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