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Originally Posted by nyc328ci View Post
Great explanation, let me give the OP an example of what I did

I just got an X6 and put down 7 MSD's (7 X $750 = $5250)
with MSD's - $724 a month
Without MSD's - $780 a month
So...In reality, $5250 that is fully refundable after the lease, it is "saving" me $56 a month which comes out to $2,016 through out the lease. I do not know any bank that can guarantee you that kind of return.
MSD's is not a down payment, it is a security deposit that you will get back from BMW once the car is returned.
Each MSD reduces the MF by .00007 so end of the day it does add up, let your money work for you!
So technically, I could put a bunch of MSDs and not even a down payment and get the same monthly payments? If the car gets totaled will I get the money back?

I just feel like its a bad idea giving away 3k and not seeing it until 2016. I guess its only 3k though so its not too bad. I gotta talk to the salesman about this.