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Originally Posted by Tyso335 View Post
ok thats cool. good idea about the weather what i could do is buy them in black or silver then when i decide what colour i want to go for i can get them done myself. got alot of friends in the trade so its no problem. so with the off set is it the lower the number the more the wheel sticks out?

thanks tyson

Yep the lower the number the further out the wheel sits.

Your Current OEM wheels are 19x8 et37 and 19x9 et39

The Silver 359's are 19x8.5 et37 and 19x9.5 et30

At the front, as they are the same offset, but the 359's are 1/2 inch wider, the easiest way to explain this is that it works from the centre of the wheel, this means it sits 1/4 inch in and 1/4 inch out. this means it sits 6mm (1/4 inch) further out at the front.

On the rear, being 1/2 inch again wider, this again sits out 6mm more, and as the offset is 9mm lower, that = 6+9 = 15mm further out at the rear.

The Black 359's, being et40, will sit 3mm futer out at the front and 5mm further out at the rear. Sorry if that is a little confusing.