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A good rule of thumb is to look up the tread width of the tire size that you're considering e.g. a 225/40-18 - now you'd *think* that it would be 225mm but that's actually the "Section Width" which is the overall width of the tire at the widest point when mounted on a specific rim which the tire mfgr. usually lists in their specs

if you go here and click on specs

you will see that that size of a PSS has a tread width of 8.2" so it will probably look/ride/handle best on a 18x8 or 18x8.5 rim (that is, close to the width of the tread.) A wider rim will look stretched; a narrower rim will make it look pinched a little like someone who put 60's on their old musclecar's stock rims. A 235 is exactly 8.5" wide tread width so that would be a darn near perfect fit on a 8.5" wide rim (which is what the previous poster said, just in a different way.)