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Originally Posted by Tyso335 View Post
thats not confusing that has now stopped me being confused and now i actually no what im looking at and can start workin out what i can sit haha does the lower offset give more of a concave look? and if they dont sit far enough out you can always fit spacers cant i

i prefer the black ones on the website cause they have the centres cut out. would they then fit same center caps that i have?

so my tyres i have on the car now 235 and 255 would fit them rims with abit of stretch??

sorry for all the questions but its all making sense

Good stuff, I know it sounds a little confusing, but when you get your head around it, it's actually easy enough to gauge from it the offset you want or what spacers you want to run etc.

Generally, yes the lower the offset, the deeper the concave, depends on the wheel design etc, but in most cases yes.

By the centres cut out, do you mean the caps out? If so, they were just removed before the pics were taken, the also pop out on the silver wheels I will check tomorrow, if the black 359's take OEM caps, but they do come with centre caps that you can stock the BMW badges onto.

Those tyres will fit fine, generally if you are running a 235 front (I assume it's a 235/35/19) the matching rear tyre is 265/30/19 to maintain the same rolling radius, but they are ok to run and will fit on perfect.