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Originally Posted by DerrickDapper
Hey everyone!

I recently grabbed a 2007 BMW 335i coupe, had it for about two weeks. Already LOVE the heck out of it. Has about 67000 miles, dealer says its in excellent mechanical condition.

First mod I'm going to do is swap out the standard shift knob for the leather ZHP six-speed M shift knob (not sure if I want the lighted version or not).

I was thinking about upgrading the halo's to the bright white instead of the standard amber color. Any suggestions on where would be the best place to go for this?

The wheels are already 18s and look pretty good to me. But of course there are probably better ones out there. I am new to the Bimmer world. Just wanted some suggestions on what small upgrades could make this gorgeous beauty even more beautiful!

My phone isn't letting me post a picture but I can put one up soon.

Thanks! I appreciate everyone's input.
You can probably add a front lip, it will make the front look more aggressive.
Rear spoiler can go after the front lip.
Then 19" or 20" wheels and H&H sport springs to drop the car by 1.5 inches.

On the power side, get a JB4, you will feel the power increase and will love it.

Most of the above can be bought used from forum members for very good prices.

But, be careful, when you start modding, it's hard to stop!